Jamaican Waterslide Team
"Where fun and fantasy meet"
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The Jamaican Waterslide Team is a group of people that travel to Hedonism II in Jamaica once a year in September. We are comprised of fun loving people from all walks of life and from all over the US and other countries. We represent all ages and form an interesting mix of couples and singles. We are NOT a lifestyle/swinger group, but welcome all people no matter what their beliefs or practices may be. More importantly, we are a group of people with several things in common. We love having fun, we love Hedonism and we all strive to treat each other with respect.

Please understand that we are not travel agents. We cannot and will not provide quotes or prices on Hedonism II or any other trips. We suggest you get a quote from several travel agents. Use any travel agent you choose, but be sure to check on the level of service you can expect..............especially if there is a problem.
The JWST was formed from a core group of people who met shortly after the opening of Hedonism III and planned to return the following year. We were the very first official group formed at Hedonism III. During the year, more members were recruited from among friends and acquaintances of team members and from others that have expressed an interest. During the months prior to the trip, the group held contests online and selected our name and logo.
As each year passed our numbers increased and our logos and membership paraphenalia evolved. We grew from a very small group of friends to a real organization dedicated to having fun and developing even more friendships with like-minded people.
We have now grown to an organization that annually counts 100 (+/-) friends who previously met at Hedonism III each year in September, but now meet at Hedonism II in Negril, Jamaica. People have joined us from a large number of States in the US, provinces in Canada and a host of other countries as well, including Germany, US Forces in the Middle East, Ukraine, Norway, and the UK. We have added to the fun by including a few fun events during the week, but not too many that would take away from anyone's personal vacation plans.
By joining the JWST, you will not only be able to fully enjoy the Hedonism experience, but you will be there with new friends and acquaintances you have met long before the trip online. Instead of going by yourselves, you'll have the support and friendship of people you already know.

Once you become a member you will gain access to our private site (for current year members only) that contains information on the current year JWST trip, as well as being added to our e-mail list. You will also have access to our Chat Room.